Gnome app config not showing

If just installed manjaro with gnome yesterday, and I noticed something wrong with the app settings in the configuration manager under gnome. When I go to that submenu item, it tells me that there aren’t any apps installed.
I don’t if this is a gnome bug or a manjaro specific one, as I don’t recall if the same happened when testing manjaro under arch-linux.
I would expect for my installed applications to appear there, as they did on my debian install with gnome 3.38.
I’ve tested installing gnome-software (for which I had to uninstall pamac-gnome-integration), but that didn’t help either.


I can reproduce it. It appears it’s something to do with Parental Controls (malcontent) not being set up.

❯ gnome-control-center

(gnome-control-center:1238964): cc-applications-panel-WARNING **: 14:27:20.181: Error retrieving app filter: App filtering is globally disabled

I’ll do some investigating. :male_detective:

On newer install i can reproduce too. On older install is not happening, not even after a full update, because the malcontent package is already installed. So, you have to install it and reboot the system.

@Yochanan - i think the optional dependencies and default install of them is different between branches, or from the past releases.

I didn’t think of executing it via the cli to see if it gave me any errors, but after installing the malcontent package and rebooting, it know works as expected.
Yesterday I tested to see if it was something wrong with my particullar installation, but in the live environment it does the same.

Thanks for the quick fix

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