Gnome 40 + Wayland Sluggish - Htop Analysis Inside

Hey Everyone,

I have an older laptop with Skylake i5 Processor, 8GB of Memory, and 256GB SSD. I’ve been using Manjaro Linux (Gnome) for the past few months and I’ve noticed that my system tends to feel a bit sluggish at times. I mainly use my machine for light tasks (music, web browsing using Brave) and have a few eye-candy things turned on.

Is there an easy way to do some tuning or possibly make things run a bit smoother? I thought with my ‘middle of the road’ specs, I shouldn’t have too many lag issues running Linux, but so far it seems that I do somewhat.

Here is also a small sample htop I took this morning:

This is just with a few tabs open in Brave (including a YouTube video) and the terminal application. No other apps are running unless they are background processes / tasks.

Good? Bad? Average?

An interesting thing I noticed is is that there are a few “Pulseaudio” processes. I thought I read everything recently got switched to Pipewire for audio/video tasks in Manjaro? Do I need to do some updates on my system to fix this?

Any feedback anyone may have on how to tune things appropriately would be SUPER appreciated. Thanks!

Hi :wave:

One way would be to use some sort of noscript addon for brave, scale down youtube quality?
Your cpu/ram/ssd should be able to so some video watching and music. Maybe provide some more info about your hardware/driver setting, maybe someone has some tips about this.

Maybe, check if manjaro-pipewire is installed if you want to use pipewire.

Thanks @Hanzel, I guess I am looking for any feedback if things look ‘normal’ or if things are a bit more CPU/Memory intensive than what is considered average. To be clear, music/video watching is not an issue…just overall sluggishness with opening apps (Brave, FireFox, Terminal, etc.) is really what I am getting at with trying to tune things properly.

Edit your first post with the requested information:

So you can get some feedback on the actual hardware, drivers loaded, configurations active etc now al readers can see that you have relatively high cpu load and at the time brave uses alot of CPU.

Your load for a browser and a terminal seems high, are you sure you are not running some miner in a tab or something?