Gnome 40 on Manjaro

Hi, I was navigating the internet and I found out the new Gnome 40 stuff (new theme, layout, gtk 4) and I was wondering what will be the approach of the manjaro dev team to it, will they embrace it, will they hold on like ubuntu, or it will be like deepin that has to be totally reworked (because of the all deepin 20 new stuff) I am just curious cuz I am using manjaro-gnome and I wondered how the update process would be.

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Manjaro like Arch is about bleeding edge, so we’ll likely follow upstream.
Manjaro’s update including Gnome 40 may be stalled for some time if need be – although since GTK4 is stated be “boring”, it shouldn’t be such a huge step.


thanks for the answer

If you want to try gnome40 now, install gnome-shell-dev. Many things like theme support don’t work yet, but it is already quite usable as is. Thanks @Ste74 for packaging it!

We have not yet committed to one approach and are still evaluating the options:

A) just follow the arch upstream and don’t start to package anything ourselves. This means only gnome40, and is least extra work for us.
B) overwrite Arch packages with our own gnome 3.38 stack. Can be done for a while, but is not sustainable approach. Probably only until all the key extensions have been updated, if it is needed.
C) keep arch packages as is, and package gnome 3.38 as gnome-legacy for users who want to return to the old layout. Can be sustained maybe an year or so? A little extra work, but not too much, because it is just one set of packages, and it won’t get updated much if at all.
D) overwrite arch packages with our own 3.38 overlay, and package gnome40 as gnome-next or something. This requires most extra work, because we have to then package two sets of gnome stack, one of which needs to be updated frequently. The advantage is the the current user’s can keep their user experience as is, and those who want the new experience can easily switch to it. This option requires working build automation, which is being worked on in any case.

A rolling release distro can’t hold back updates quite as long as Ubuntu or other point release distros can. So gnome40 is coming inevitably, but we can adjust when it comes. Gnome 40 release is March 24th, 2021, and it will come to Manjaro somewhere between that and the end of the year. Likely sooner than later. I would guesstimate somewhere in mid to late April, depending on the upstream extension developers.

Gnome 3.38 has been one of my favorite desktops. I’ve now used the alpha version of gnome 40 for a few weeks, and despite it being still quite unfinished, it does feel like a major improvement. The performance, gesture and animation improvements are that good. So, I think we will try to build a good experience around that, but also do our best to accommodate users who like the old ways.


don’t worry about me, I was just curious, but now I know that I have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

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