Gnome 40.1.0 but still vertical dash

I used dash to dock
I have just came back to gnome (from KDE)
I am using wayland with NVIDIA blob GTX 750 Ti
I had to configure 1080p + big fonts (150% in plasma) for my 28" screen

I was hoping to have the horizontal dash as default, and I do not even find how to setup it, as an option, there.

If someone knows when or how to, please, write it here
Thanks in advance.

Which branch do you use? stable, testing, or unstable?

Assuming you’re on Gnome Shell 40, go to Extensions → Built in → Dash to Dock. Click on the gear icon. You’ll see the **Position and Size ** tab there.

Gnome Shell still shipping 3.38 in the stable branch of Manjaro. Apps just 40.1 so far

I am in the stable branch but the information

  • In Castilian - “Version de Gnome” 40.1.0 probably the shell, as you write is still the 3.38 one.

Thanks to all.

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