Gnome 3 Frozen Except for the Focused Application

Hello Everyone,

For some reason after the latest update Gnome 3 is completely unresponsive to any mouse clicks or keyboard events after I open up the first application. I’m able to launch Firefox from the “Dash” bar. Once the bar hides though gnome is effectively unresponsive. The only thing that is still interactive is Firefox.

Effectively Firefox works as expected, able to open tabs, access this page yet all of the components in the Gnome FAQ. I’m unable to post links, the page I’m talking about is " Visual overview of GNOME" at Gnome’s main help website.

I’m not even able to press alt-f2 to manually launch another application.


Resolved the issue. I had to drop into a shell (ctrl + alt + f2) and run sudo systemctl stop gdm and then sudo systemctl start gdm. I’m not quite sure that happened. Even after a reboot nothing is freezing. Is there a quick way to check the logs and see if Gnome 3 was locking up on something?