Gnome 3.38.1-1 crashing

Hey i recently upgraded my gnome from 3.36 --> 3.38.1 . After update gnome crashes when i try to minimize a full screen application. As soon as i minimize the application the system freezes and after 3 seconds its says fatal error and then i am forced to logout.

My system spec::

i7 9th gen
16gb ram
manjaro 20.2 running on 5.8.18-1 kernel
gtx 1650 max q GPU

I searched for this bug and i got to know that its fixed but in gnome 3.38.2 version , but gnome 3.38.2 version not available in manjaro official repo.

Disable all your Extensions, restart GNOME Shell / logout & login and see if you can still reproduce it.

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Fresh install solved the problem :sweat_smile:

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Iā€™m running into the same issue and would prefer not to reinstall

Can you specify the application name in which you are facing problem??