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Thanks for the report--I was wondering. @mandog had no problems, but @mandog never does, so...

Tomorrow it goes on my 2014 Haswell i7 laptop. Thankfully, it has an updated Arch+KDE already, so replacing it with GNOME isn't nearly the work installing Arch from scratch takes. In fact, it's downright simple. :smiley:

Thanks, Matti! :smiley:

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Thank you so much for the info. I do plead guilty on the impatience charge -eager to play but not savvy enough to fix it if it breaks :wink:

Seems there are some changes still needed for some extensions. A new ISO for initial testing is online.


The live session is alright, gnome-terminal starts.

Finally deleted some custom profiles and now works well. :smile:


The theme update fixed the shell overlay search issue.

Although the new theme seems to be shell theme disabled - Wait, it's not diabled, just new shades of blue to turn green.

Yep, i need to rebuild the gdm theme for 3.34..

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I only rebuilt the theme as shown by @Ste74 in our Telegram group. However it seems that some color had changed. Therefore we have to update our scripts.

Yep... This week end little busy :sweat_smile:

Does gdm theme also operate with sass? If you can point me to the source maybe I can help?

Yep, is generated with sass code. Is the gnome-shell repo.. Gnome-shell repo provide the theme so when build gnome-shell the build obtain also the theme.. In the past i try to use sass to generate and i have the script to generate the theme some where in my pc or in gitlab/github repo ( history) but since i don t know the final result of the sass code the result was nt satisfied... So yes i can point on it when come back to home and sure an help is really appreciated also for simplify and automatize the process.. :+1:

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GNOME 3.34 Feature

. Easily Create App Folders - is not working

Arch is working

gsettings set folder-children "['Utilities', 'YaST']"


Our custom version use this feature from a time ago :wink:

I am still not showing Gnome 3.34 updates yet. Admittedly, I am new to Manjaro and it may be something in my configuration. Is it in the stable repositories yet?

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Afaik not, but it might soon be. There were some bugs that we needed to sort out first (arc menu and dash to dock broken, invisible search results in shell overlay search). But it should be ready soon

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Gnome on my Apricity install got updated to 3.34 when I did my weekly update over the weekend. Yes, Dash to Dock has not been updated yet and is currently not working.

I just went, "oh well", and booted into another distro since I have so many to choose from. I'll get back to Apricity when the extensions are updated.

Other than that, it's working although I don't notice much of any difference. I'm not really bothered by the loss of transparency in the gnome terminal. The inability to set the menubar to display permanently is more annoying, but it's been like that for a while and I live with it.

I have xfce4-terminal installed in any case, since xfce elements are so modular.

Arc menu and dtd are already patched in testing :slightly_smiling_face: and work as expected in my daily gnome system :wink:


So I am reading that 3.34.1 is out now. Since 3.34.0 hasn't been released in stable repository yet, will the Manjaro team just work towards releasing 3.34.1 instead (skipping 3.34.0)?


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