Gnome 3.34 - Screen Sharing - Change Port

I have 3 computers I need remote access all running linux (2 Manjaro and 1 Ubuntu LTS). The Ubuntu LTS has it's screen shared on the default port 5900 however I can't seem to change the port of either of the other computers. I've used dconf-editor to set the alternate port. I've rebooted dconf-editor shows the alternate port with the new port number yet when I check which port it is bound to it is showing 5900.

Anyone know how I can actually get the port changed?

It might be impossible to change the port if you want to use the build in VNC server (screen sharing).

An alternative VNC server might also work for you.

However if you open the port in your Home router, you usually have the option to use a outside port and a inside port. So you can use Port 5901 on the outside of your network and port 5900 on the internal network.

Thanks. The router trick worked. Always wondered what the external and internal port were all about. I always just filled the external one and left the internal. Good to know.

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