Gnome 3.32 : user logo in the system menu is bigger then others

Helo girls and guys,

I am a user of Manjaro Gnome stable, and I’m very pleased with her.
After the update to Gnome 3.32 (smoother user experience :star_struck:) I noticed that the user logo of the system menu at the top right is larger than others (using nordic-polar shell/gtk theme), not a big problem but something that breaks down a graphic coherence:

Then I tried to set the default manjaro theme shell/gtk adapta-maia and papirus-maia icons, but the problem remained:

So I set the default Gnome themes Adwaita (I also tried to disable all Gnome extensions) but the problem remains (+ brightness and volume bar are invisible):

do you have the same problem?
Is this a normal or desired behavior?


Have a look here


Thanks @bogdancovaciu , this fix the problem !

sudo pacman -Rdd manjaro-gdm-theme
sudo pacman -S gnome-shell
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