Gnome >=3.28 sucks; hey iceking why'd you steal the desktop icons

At first, I thought I broke it. Then, when searching for how to fix it, I found the various sites announcing this new,uh, feature.

Yes, yes. The desktop is olde fashioned. It has been around since Classic Macs. Thing is, desktop icons are fun.

What is gnoing on with Gnome? Its UI defaults just get worse and worse and the choices get fewer and fewer.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just use MATE.


there already is a thread to that: Gnome 3.28 and desktop icons

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But this is acceptable because it is a rant :smiley:

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They just follow the roadmap, to have a minimal desktop that can be expandet with extensions if needed. So users dont need to download stuff they dont want and developers dont need to maintain not used functions. Its a win-win situation. That there is no plugin for desktop icons ready to shine should show you how important that feature is…

From my point is that the UI gets more optimized with every release to whats important.

Thats so not true. Grab dconf editor and look around. Many features are hidden, and Yes. Its a good thing to not have some config dialog for every feature, but a dconf editor.

Move windows around to reach icons is fun? strange definition :joy: Thing is that in manjaro-gnome the most awesome feature of gnome is disabled… standard gnome menu and tracker …


? Tracker is not disabled in gnome edition by default. Which standard gnome menu are you referring to?

Anyway, I think it makes sense to drop desktop icons. If devs don’t use them themselves, they’ll just end up not working well, so better let someone who actually cares about them do the maintenance. In the long run they’ll work better that way. Also, this makes nautilus easier to use outside gnome, now that it doesn’t try to hijack the desktop by default.

Is it shipped by default again? I have installed via architect (that should pull the normal gnome edition) and tracker (+tracker-miners) was not installed.

That fullscreen one you have on plain gnome, whats also part of the

Good point… I remember desktop Icons below my plasma-desktop because of this, or that plasma was simply replaced by a black background with icons on it because of nautilus. :joy:

If it was missing from the profile it would have been for a very short time. There is the package disable-tracker that you can add during installation with architect if you don’t want to autostart tracker, but otherwise tracker should be installed and on.

That’s still included, click the menu icon in the dash/dock

Around a half year now. It was (for me) never there on any gnome installation, I always install and activate it by myself. I was even looking at my system on my workplace, that was installed Nov. 2017 -> no tracker installed.

On the GitHub for the iso profiles there is tracker, but no miners - so tracker will do nothing.

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Weird. I install gnome edition every few months and it is usually there.

@Ste74 should we explicitly include tracker-miner? Having tracker use ram is pointless if it cannot function right

What’s that? Could you post screenshot?

Because of the “often used” functionality in there (without much hassle around it) this has replaced the desktop icons for my parents completely. if they need files, they can just start to type in the filename and thanks to a working tracker it’ll find them.

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that worked for me out of the box (but I installed gnome alongside KDE) - I don’t really use it though, because the programs that I use often are either started through the G-Keys of my Corsair Keyboard or through desktop shortcuts.

I still need desktop-icons for various reasons, and gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-reworked works so far (with some minor glitches):

(backslide kicked in between the screenshots and rotated the image)

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Still though it lacks a trashcan on the desktop.
And the trashcan extension on gnome is quite poor as its tiny and does not indicate when trash is full or empty, making it Schrödinger’s trashcan

The trash can in nautilus shows when its full like any other trash can. With my keyboard just press trash button its simple like i keep saying no need for desktop icons, i have a button with a house a button with a looking glass, another with a envelope, they all work out the box.

Yeah sure open the file browser just to empty the trash, glad i never thought of it instead of having a single click operation of right clicking and selecting “empty Trash”

Why would you want to perform file management anywhere but the file manager? Just asking. Guess it made sense when the desktop was managed by the file manager, but that is no longer the case. Seems like the file manager is a more obvious location.

By the way you can right click on the trash can icon in the file browser and click empty trash

To see what is in their, to remove from trash what you trashed by mistake, the list goes on.
But then your are a impulse do it blind sort of guy.
while i’m a lets be sure I did not trash a important document sort of guy as that costs money.
Does that answer it for you in your quest for argument next point.

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The big issue is that I like having some indicator of some kind to tell me if i have trash or not so my trash file does not get too big .
It would be great if the trash extension had a simple icon change like the icon turning red like it does in KDE

Why you don’t use Gnome and obviously you are just wanting to hijack every Gnome thread why, you don’t use it so its just pointless and a waste of your time.
By the way your fav reviewer did not give a good review of Ubuntu KDE 5/10 so much for your reviewing skills Lol only joking you did well on that one.

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What reviewer?

No he is not my favorite reviewer, besides he seems to not like the 18.04 series and threatened to go back to windows 10 at one point.

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