Gnome 3.28 and desktop icons



I read that in gnome 3.28 nautilus will ship without support for handling desktop icons. It will be any other option to have icons on desktop or I will have to change DE on my laptop?

Right click on Budgie Desktop?
Gnome >=3.28 sucks; hey iceking why'd you steal the desktop icons
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Depends on GNOME’s plans. Currently, by default you have to enable the setting so it may be a similar setup. Or, GNOME may simply be removing desktop icons because none of their developers use them.

If this is in their plans and you feel this is a bad idea, complain to the GNOME developers. There’s not a lot Manjaro can do about it.


I have never used desktop icons never seen the point of them anyway having to move apps just to access a icon is a waste of time when they are accessible other ways.


Back when I first used GNOME 3 or 3.06. It never supported icon on the desktop by default. Hell, it needed a 3rd party app. Gnome tweak tool. Not sure if it supposed by GNOME dev today. So it looks like there going to mandate this time around. I wonder if this will effect the other gtk desktop as will.


Still does need Gnome-tweak-tool its gnomes user setting tool so why would it go away.
And here is the true news about Gnome Destop Icons
Article is misleading – Gnome Devs are planning on replacing the Desktop Icons binary with a Shell Extension. There is already a alpha on Gnome’s Gitlab of the new [Desktop Icons] that when complete will be superior to the previous implementation and function on multiple monitors and not be a complete hacked together neglected implementation like the previous binary. Not to mention that the only reason that Desktop Icons existed before was due to a X bug that allowed windows to pin to bottom.

This new implementation will also work on Wayland unlike the old implementation.

So the original poster was just posting FUD without researching 1st



complaining will do nothing I think so my question is there’s some trick to add desktop icons? maybe by instaling nemo?


Thank’s so there’s some hope :slight_smile: my wife like icons od her gnome laptop.


Looks like there are a couple of options. One an extension, one is Nemo:


You did not read my comment it came from the same site that wrote the article read comments.

You see icons on the desktop is a bug in the xserver not a feature as peolpe believe or just blame wayland for bug squashing 30 year old bugs.


You’re quite correct - I got a “quote” notification and replied to that post without seeing the rest of the thread… :sweat_smile:


And so you are trying to fix a problem that 'a not arrived yet. You 're always ahead, wow! :yum:


Here is the info

Ever have a desktop trash icon?

Its quite common on most desktops and even OSX has one in its desktop.

In any case to the OP change your desktop.

Use cinnamon, KDE or even MATE and XFCE where sanity is far more common

I have quit making sense of the gnome developers ages ago, as MATE, KDE and Cinnamon improve gnome falls back on extensions that thanks to the madness of gnome development loose support over time.

I mean why have features when you can use a iOS wannabe desktop where features are dropped and extensions loose support thanks to developers giving up because the standard keeps on changing every 10 seconds?


What is the point as I said before of having to minimise running file manager when the icon is in the side panel? or a dock.
You have been brain washed by Microsoft my friend they did a Exellent job on you by the way , Lol

Seriously A multitude of users like a clean desktop, its like a good workshop tidy no rubbish and tools left lying around to fall over or lose, every thing tidy and in its place and the trash cans empty. cupboards draws closed, makes efficient work-flow, or the British saying “all ship shape and Bristol Fashion” plus it looks impressive to others.

  • if you read its all due to wayland and the extension solves the problem nicely as under the xserver its a 30 year old bug that allows the icons to draw on the desktop, if you want to clutter the desktop with icons its your choice but its preferable to place them in a dock as they are always accessible.
    Cinnamon is using 8 years out of date file manager drawing the desktop, a terminal from gnome 3.20 the file manager from Gnome 2.28 patched with band aid it will all fall apart in time needs to be developed urgently instead of using obsolete buggy code and and band aid, its only the headers that are gtk3, Before Solus eclipses Mint.


You and GNOME are a match made in heaven :innocent:


Oh please dont tell me about gnomes dock.

First of all its hidden in vanilla gnome with no indication that its there.

Secondly you as usual need a extension to make it work like a proper dock

Not to mention you need not one but two controls centers to make gnome functional or customizable

Whats next for gnome what not having a wallpaper?

Or a user interface?

Soon the only shell in gnome is a shell terminal because the gnome developers hate having usability.

Besides if this is for weyland then it wont pay off, weyland is still a ways off before I think its ready


My wife use only folders shortcuts on desktop, rest of icons are on dock.


Indeed folder icons on the desktop are common.

Again what about the aforementioned trash icon?

Now on gnome you have to open the file manager first before opening the trash adding in another level that should not be there.

But hey gnome shell has always been about removing features in the name of “progress”


Does Vanilla Cinnamon come with a dock installed NO Its designed to mimic Windows, does KDE NO Its designed to mimic windows, XFCE NO you have to enable it, still designed to mimic windows, does Budgie NO again designed to mimic windows, Does Deepin yes it does but its designed to mimick MAC and is very attractive to the eye.
Then we have Gnome designed not to mimic anything but its self, You the intelligent user makes Gnome what ever you want it to be, but maybe you can’t see that coming from windows and a locked down desktop.

As far as a dock you don’t actually need a extension just install the dock of your choice like KDE/Cinnamon, But the Dash- to -dock extension is apart from Cairo-dock more comprehensive than the rest put together and does not crash or freeze.
Your constant rants on something you don’t use are really worthless and more fiction than fact and personal grievances.

But Buddy it gives us something to brighten up the Manjaro forum does it not, Plus its interesting to have opposite opinions. And I do like many of your opinions any way, good luck with what ever you use buddy its your desktop the way you like it after all.

Me i’ll keep using my FAV JWM, and gnome for customers and the kids, Why they find gnome simple to use no clutter no things to alter just works for them. They tell me the others resemble windows to much and are confusing, where Gnome is straight to the point nothing to distract them.


Confusion try gnome shell on a fresh linux user sometime.


No problem here they love Gnome