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Hi, please help. I use manjaro gnome. My default internet browser is google chrome. I would like to use Gmail and google calendar as default applications. Don’t know how to do it? It could be used Chrome app by default? Thank you

I don’t want to use email clients from Firefox.

There are no gmail or google calendar client for Linux; actually don’t think there is even one for Windows.

You can use an email client and calendar client though. Everyone has their own personal preferences on which they like to use.

Alternatively, just use the web client.

I personally use Thunderbird because it can manage email (IMAP/POP3), calendar (CalDAV), and contacts (CardDAV). But:

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Can you describe further what you would want to happen in practice? You mean that you would want the Gmail webmail and to be somehow integrated into your desktop? You can use the web app manager to create icons and web apps for them.

Also there is this:

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The web interface is enough. I want email addresses in my contacts to open in Google Chrome-gmail. Where do you do this, please?

Install this

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how to bring the installation? using AUR? I am a beginner.

That should do it:

pamac build gnome-gmail

or search in the package-manager and install it there. You have enable AUR Repo and refresh database first.

But you can also use gmail-nativefier and google-calendar-nativefier
Is blocked by google. Only possible with little tweaks.

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tried. unfortunately it does not work properly. with printed contacts after clicking on the email address of the contact the gnome-gmail program will write the error number 440.

Does any of these other methods work?


It is fantastic - thank you very much.

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