Global Theme Saver

It’s pretty complicated to manage Plasma.

Plasmaconfigsaver does a fairly decent job of catching the entire config/setup and layout, however, restoring the config over-writes rather too many things, meaning any ‘global’ customisation needs to be added to each and every saved Plasmaconfig (for example, EventCalendar is totally separate in every saved config).

Plasmaconfigsaver is also bloaty - if you set a Gruv, or a Nord theme, it doesn’t save ONLY those themes - it saves all the installed icons (which is actually about 90% of the saved profile) rather than only the ones you need, it’s pretty much snapshotting everything rather than targeting the actual config.

Global Theme overwrites too many settings… and you can’t save a new Global Theme.
We should be able to save Global Themes… separately from a complete Plasma profile.

What we really need isn’t so much to make a backup copy of everything, but a list of settings to be applied with checkboxes to include/exclude each one:

  • Global Theme
  • Layout
  • Autostart (latte/conky etc)
  • Application Style and settings
  • Icons/toolbars settings, Gnome/GTK style
  • Plasma style
  • Colours
  • Decorations/settings
  • Fonts/settings
  • Icons
  • cursors
  • Splash
  • Login Screen
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Please read this:

Especially the “upstream” and “downstream” business.

Then file a bug at the “Plasmaconfigsaver” git (I can’t find any reference on the first 2 DDG pages of that utility nor does

pamac install --dry-run plasmaconfigsaver

give me any clue as to what you’re blabbering talking about…)

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