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I would like to ask a Global Menu for Gnome edition. Atleast - optional.
Global menu is important for large content-creative app such as Gimp, Inkscape.
It allows to save some extra screen space, especially for small laptops.

Especially, if it is implemented the way it was implemented in Unity 7 - When window is maximized window buttons (close, minimize) also displayed on top panel. So, not only menubar removed from application, but header also.

You can fit more content on screen.

I don`t see cons here - top bar in Gnome is useless now. It is empty. It just wastes screen space for nothing. Why not to put application menu here?

Budgie desktop did it already (GTK).
KDE Plasma has this feature as well.

Global Menu in Ubuntu Unity was the main reason why I started to use Linux. Shame they did waste it...

It is up to you what DE you want to use.
If you like Gnome, then use Gnome.
Gnome has a specific philosophy on how it should work. 'Streamlined' is probably what they would say.
You can add functionality or change (some) things by the use of extensions.
For example your Global Menu (HUD) thing could be done by this:
Which is in the AUR as

aur/gnome-hud 1.3.1-1 (+2 0.00%) 
    Unity like HUD menu for the GNOME Desktop Environment

So you can install that et voila.

It is not possible to ship gnome with global menu, because it is not stable. Most of the time the extension simply won't work, and that has been the case for many gnome versions now. Furthermore, gnome apps are designed not to work with a global menu.

If you want a global menu, you can get in mate, plasma, budgie and probably xfce too. But not gnome.

But Solus team managed to make it work somehow. Budgie is based on Gnome

They managed to make it work by developing an entirely new desktop environment to use instead of gnome. You can use the same solution in manjaro by installing the budgie edition.

Seriously, try installing that extension that was linked. Why it fails you ask? Latest supported version was gnome 3.24, last update in github was almost 3 years ago. After that gnome developers removed some parts of the code that had been used by the global menus, which made the code unsustainable. Also, after that, all gnome apps have moved away from using a menubar to using a headerbar they no longer have a menu to export, so even if you could get a global menu working, it would not work with most gnome apps.

Let's say we really wanted to make global menu in gnome happen, against gnome developers plans. We would have to fork or extensively patch gnome-shell and gtk3 and package those packages instead of getting them from upstream arch linux. And, we would have to go though this at least twice a year with every major gnome release, and probably much more often. That's easily a full time job for at least one developer. Just to maintain this one package. And we have zero full time javascript developers on our team. Most of us are maintaining manjaro on our spare time after our regular work.

So, we simply don't have the resources to patch into gnome a feature that it's developers are actively making harder to keep there. We are packagers, not developers.


You understand the situation perfectly. This is also the reason of why the extension was discontinued. Author of the extension here.


I was reading the gnome discussion on it, and the potential workload seemed pretty brutal.

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Yes and at the end what you have is just not more than a hack of the GNOME core applications. If this will be true, probably a lot of users will love the result and they don't care about the risk that this will introduce. But there are also a lot more of people than will hate the result, because at the end most of users that use GNOME is because they like what GNOME developers produced by default. I'm not one of them certainly, but I'm not blind, they have a singular conception and then also his fans.

The alternative of just produce a global menu only for the applications that can export the menubar is not to me something that can be target a distribution. Maybe some one like me can make it happens, just for a hobby, but a distro need to ensure some type of global behaviour. Not get something that will work in one case and not in another.

To be honest, if i will continues the global menu i can only see a target and this is Cinnamon. But i'm refused to get back to that desktop environment, at less until see the result of Ubuntu 20.04. I suspect for some reason that in my close future, i need to find not just a desktop but a new distro... Probably Manjaro? Why not... :slight_smile:

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