Glitchy Chrome when launched in KDE + Wayland

I have installed a fresh copy of Manjaro Plasma and I have decided to give Wayland a try for the first time ever. I read about various issues when Wayland is used with NVIDIA cards and indeed, it wasn’t a smooth ride for me (GTX 1650).

Eventually I managed to boot into Plasma/Wayland even using autologin so all seemed well. However after changing Firefox to Chrome I have noticed that Chrome is quite glitchy during various tasks (e.g. when I type this in the “New Topic” window, the window flashes, disappears for a moment, letters are not always immediately visible… but also the whole Chrome window flashes from time to time).

It seems to be mostly visible when one is doing something (e.g. typing), plain scrolling is ok-ish.

I wonder if anybody experienced something similar? It doesn’t happen in X11 session and Firefox seemed ok, too.

Hold on, it seems that I have overlooked one important flag: chrome://flags/#ozone-platform-hint.

Setting that one to “auto” or starting google-chrome with --ozone-platform=wayland seems to fix this for good.


Yes, the Ozone flag name changed. Have fun playing cat & mouse. I gave up fiddling a long time ago.

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