Glibc issues, has anything been done about this issue for Steam anti cheat?

Hey guys just wanted to make a post asking if anything has been done to fix or revert glibc due to the anti cheat issues on Steam games as I sstill cant get int ogames due to this and even some native games are having issues

Yes, it was. You can try glibc and lib32-glibc v2.36-2 from unstable/arch mirror.

I need to switch to Arch’s mirrors for it? when will it get updated on Manjaro?

No, as I said it’s in manjaro unstable too. You can install both with pacman -U {url}

Ak ok I can confirm it did from one game at least that it works now also you will need to download the package first before downloading it as they don’t give you a direct link on Arch packages

It’s a known issue:

See the 2022-08-07 notice.

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