Glib2 version 2.70 causes gnome-keyring to stop working

I wanted to create this issue in “development → packaging”, but as I am a new user, I am not allowed to do so.

Problem: gnome-keyring will not popup and apps can not used stored passwords from it.

The problems regarding gnome-keyring and glib2 started with the october update, when glib2.70 was included. Back then I downgraded glib2 and everything worked again. But with the november update this is no longer possible for me, because the display manager (SDDM in my case) will not take any inputs from my keyboard or mouse.

I found this Artix issue:

forum.artixlinux - org /index.php?topic=3091.0

And their fix to the issue:

gitea artixlinux - org /packagesG/gnome-keyring/src/branch/master

I applied the changes locally to the PKGBUILD for gnome-keyring and installed it. Now everything is working fine with glib2.70

Maybe these changes should be applied for the manjaro package as well?

Thx for reporting this.

gnome-keyring package comes from arch:

$ pacman -Si gnome-keyring | grep -i 'packager\|depends'
Depends On      : gcr  libcap-ng  pam  openssh
Packager        : Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) <>

It doesn’t depend on glib2 package and I’cant find indirect dependency either:

$ pactree -ro glib2 | grep gnome-keyring

The second post in the thread you mentioned says:

Could be something else which is causing this problem. I have glib2 version 2.70 and gnome-keyrinng 1:40.0 installed in Arch. gnome-keyring works fine.

edit: Ah, this is an ARM issue?
moved to #arm

This is a general issue. I just posted the PKGBUILD to our ARM section as we have to host it somewhere.

Pushed to unstable for now:

x64: [manjaro-packages] [BoxIt] Memo (x64)
ARM: [manjaro-packages] [BoxIt] Memo (ARM)

Thanks for the quick fix.
I installed only the “gnome-keyring” package from unstable and it is working just fine.

I know it is not advised to do so, but I saw no changes in depending libraries, thats why I thought it is worth a try.

stable x86_64 + gnome-keyring (unstable)