Glaring typo in the pinned 'Nvidia' instructions?

Shouldn’t that be:
git clone

Looks fine to me.

What do you think looks wrong?
.git is usually added, though it’s not needed, to show it’s a git repo.

If I leave it as is it asks for philmmanjaro’s github
user/password. If I take it off it works.

It didn’t ask me for a user/password when I cloned it just now.

I did it two weeks ago on a friend’s computer and instructions are fine I can confirm.

Can we delete this post, I get an error if I try myself.

The user/pass may have been caused by a typo I made earlier in the line. In fact, as Strit already mentioned, both work.

Sorry about that.

OP admits to PEBKAC. :stuck_out_tongue: