Glances, a neat alternative to htop

This is pretty cool and available in the Manjaro repos.


Yes, it is an excellent utility. Be sure to check your RAM usage though, as the last time I had it installed it was creating a memory leak. Rather ironic as that's usually why people install utilities like that for in the first place.


Gives a good overview. But I wouldn't call it an alternative to htop, because you can't kill processes from within it.


I didn't know you could do that in htop. I use task manager for that. I was just repeating the article title though. Thanks for the htop info.

After looking it up, I will still use task manager for that. :rofl:

htop or top are my task managers :wink:

I will try it before I knock it, but I like that task manager is nicely alphabetized for quick, easy searching, even if it's not as cool as a terminal program.

Here's the desktop non-AMP version:


Haha!! A girl blew me kisses. That never happens in real life. Thx @jillswift. You made my day.


I got bored and added all the optional dependencies to the PKGBUILD. That way you can keep track of them if you want to use any of them.

glances PKGBUILD
pkgdesc='CLI curses-based monitoring tool'
depends=('python-psutil' 'python-setuptools' 'python-future')
optdepends=('python-bottle: for Web server mode'
            'python-cassandra-driver: for the Cassandra export module'
            'python-couchdb: for the CouchDB export module'
            'python-docker: for the Docker monitoring support'
            'python-elasticsearch: for the Elastic Search export module'
            'python-hddtemp: HDD temperature monitoring support'
            'python-influxdb: for the InfluxDB export module'
            'python-kafka: for the Kafka export module'            
            'python-matplotlib: for graphical/chart support'
            'python-netifaces: for the IP plugin'
            'python-nvidia-ml-py3-git: for the GPU plugin'
            'python-pika: for the RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ export module'
            'python-prometheus_client: for the Prometheus export module'
            'python-py-cpuinfo: for the Quicklook CPU info module'
            'python-pygal: for the graph export module'
            'python-pysnmp: for SNMP support'
            'python-pystache: for the action script feature'
            'python-pyzmq: for the ZeroMQ export module'
            'python-requests: for the Ports, Cloud plugins and RESTful export module'
            'python-statsd: for the StatsD export module'
            'python-wifi: for the wifi plugin'
            'python-zeroconf: for the autodiscover mode')
            # Missing from repos / AUR
            #'python-bernhard: for the Riemann export module'
            #'python-potsdb: for the OpenTSDB export module'
            #'python-pymdstat: for RAID support'
            #'python-pysmart.smartx: for HDD Smart support'

build() {
	cd "$pkgname-$pkgver"
	python build

package() {
	cd "$pkgname-$pkgver"
	python install --root="$pkgdir/" --skip-build --optimize=1
	install -Dm644 "$srcdir/$pkgname.service" -t "$pkgdir/usr/lib/systemd/system"

The one thing I like using glances for. Monitor my cpu and gpu temperature. I don't care about my ram usage. As much as I used to. Back when I had 4GB of ram. Now that I have 32GB of ram. Just don't care. Just want to use my system the way I want to.


Have you considered using or making a conky to constantly monitor your CPU temperature? If you haven't, you should. Conkys are fun.

I have. But been so darn lazzy about it. And I like to used Dynamic window manager. So I rarely ever see the background. So idk. If I was using a floating window manager. Sure. It make more since to used conky over running a terminal monitor tool like glances.

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