gLabels crashed and will not start again

I was working on a CD label and the work was almost done, when gLabels suddenly crashed.
Then it will not start again. Not even after a re-boot, and not even after a re-install.
Please help!

/ Hans Gatu

To start to troubleshoot starting the program from the terminal might reveal what it is having trouble with.

In terminal:

glabels-3 %F
glabels-3: ../cairo/src/cairo-arc.c:191: _cairo_arc_in_direction: Försäkran ”angle_max >= angle_min” falsk.
Avbruten (SIGABRT) (minnesutskrift skapad)

I use Swedish UI, so I guess an English result would have been:

glabels-3 %F
glabels-3: ../cairo/src/cairo-arc.c:191: _cairo_arc_in_direction: Assurance ”angle_max >= angle_min” false.
Aborted (SIGABRT) (memory printout created)

/ Hans Gatu