Gkrellm issues: after install no program icon to select and other issue

After using Pamac to find and install the “Gkrellm” application (found in the “extras” repository), I can not find a program icon added to the Apps view on which to click to start the program. The application is clearly installed since I can open “Files” and in the \usr\bin folder see it listed. I can click on the filename “gkrellm” and the program opens and runs correctly.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application several times, but the same problem persists. I’m using the kernel.

Additionally, under the program’s configuration menu, when I select “remember screen location at exit and move to it at next startup” it doesn’t. On a system reboot or restart gkrellm does not automatically restart.

On my other Manjaro computer the same program is installed and works as expected. The difference is that on the other computer I installed Manjaro over a previous installation of Ubuntu 22.04LTS while keeping the “home” partition created in Ubuntu untouched which previously had “Gkrellm” installed. The computer with the problem is new and had Manjaro installed as the first and only OS after purchase.

I did a search on this support forum and found no one with a similar problem.

Thanks for any help.

This will list all the files provided by the package:

pacman -Ql gkrellm

As far as I can see … it does not provide a .desktop file … which is usually what is used to give you that desktop launcher type thing.
It does provide ‘executables’ :


So it would appear to me that its expected to be launched by the command line or a script, etc.

Maybe your other install has some dusty old desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications?

All else failing you can certainly make your own.

Slightly aside … this is gtk2 software … so … old … is there a reason to use it instead of other options like conky ?

( looking … besides being rather ugly IMHO, it hasnt seen updates in 2 years, and only had a handful of commits over the entire last 5 years. 9-15 years ago it was active though. :sweat_smile:
gkrellm/gkrellm - gkrellm - srcbox git hosting )

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Thanks CSCS.
You’re right: it’s ugly and old. :laughing:
I do use Conky, but I think it has a memory leak – my used memory seems to slowly increase over several days of uptime. My computer runs 24/7. I may be blaming Conky unfairly, but when I don’t use it, I don’t see the same memory issue.

Something’s up with it, or my config (which used to be ok).

Whilst conky’s running, xorg’s memory usage constantly goes up, so conky tells me anyway (seen it at 5GiB+). Restart conky and it goes back to ~300MiB-700MiB.

I seem to have a related problem where xorg restarts, the OOM killer kicks in, but I could’ve sworn it wasn’t out of memory. Restarting conky 2-3 times a day seems to keep it at bay.

I would take ugly over memory leaks too.

If, ultimately, you need help with writing a .desktop file I could do that.

I might also suggest looking into this conky memory leak thing and running it down. I feel I would have heard about it on here or elsewheres if such a thing were endemic to the software.
(oh look, just now @dmt does mention something similar happening :thinking:)

I’ve been meaning to try to track it down, but I’ve been lazy.

In the mean time I’ve been “observing” it. So I made a script to restart conky and bound it to Ins. :crazy_face:

Fixed in Conky 1.18.2 but that hasn’t got to Manjaro Stable branch yet.


Ah, there we are.
Any of the branches it seems.

Arch hasnt gotten it yet either, though it is flagged out of date.

So… best bet for now, if you need it right now, might be AUR.


Ugh… Arch seems to have forgotten Conky exists yet again. I was maintaining an overlay a couple years ago, but then Arch updated it and we dropped the overlay.

I’ll see about updating to 1.19.6 here soon :tm: .

EDIT: conky 1.19.6-0 is now in the unstable branch.