gitu - manages git repositories faster

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Please don't just post a link to a GitLab page.

If you are showcasing something, please explain what it is, what it does. Even the on the GitLab page doesn't explain what it really is.

Manages git repositories faster



README now includes the 2 flags for the command ...
seems it squishes either 'best-guess' or 'big hammer approach' into the two options of
"get/pull/fetch/name/update" and "edit/add/apply/commit/push"

git add --all; git commit --message="I cannot dumb down"; git push


gitu set

As editing remote code with ease is the constrain of its improvement.

There is a boat load of different options to manage git repositories.

And what you are proposing is worth nothing if you have no knowledge of git in general as you are creating a bunch aliases which works for you but may not work for others - and depending on workflow and requirements - it may even be breaking another person or teams workflow.

Commit messages is usually used for a short description of the reason for the commit - not a standardized message - the commits of such repo is just a long list of usesless dumbed down messages.

There is no showcase - just a newbie learning git.



For the record, I have 25 unique projects on git and I started using it 4 years ago.

Also I have coded in 8 different languages, including assembly. I started coding at the age of 12.

Guess my studies at university: degree in computer science. Oh, several A+ on operating systems lab. Why?

The most proficient coder? likely not. But a newbie? nope.

The point is: the code is dumb on purpose.

It doesn't superseed all the options on git on purpose, because we already have git for that.

It doesn't make commit messages mandatory because on minimal software, written in the smallest functions, using "so" that points exactly where errors happens, and with rolling versions, history doesn't matter. It only matters the current state of the code, and how easy is to edit and deploy.

And ultimately because it can be extended at any time. It doesn't need to be complete to start delivering service.

When I go out and exercise 6 times a week, it happens the same: when I tell people it's easy for me they reply "it cannot be that easy".

Yeah, it's that easy. It just happens they haven't had the experience and mindset yet for them to see and believe it is.

When one is so accustomed to seeing complication, when they see simplicity they feel uneasy about it. Something should be wrong.

Let me tell you what is wrong: to have too many conditions for starting doing something, so never do a thing.

Take this as my final explanation of why this kind of dumb is smart dumb. If someone ask, link here. Just explaining over and over is becoming a full time job.

Bonus: a video on my humor playlist (mature language warning):

Well - sorry about that newbie comment - my opinion on creating aliases still stand.

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But it's not an alias, it's a command.

Perhaps we are not talking about the same thing :thinking:

If it makes your life simpler - then your efforts is justified.

But as already said - a link to repo is no showcase - it is a plain egocentric - see me - hear me - like a well know figure from Shrek.

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