Git yay -> community/yay?

I had installed yay using the git clone and makepkg method as so many tutorials on the web say. Today, I discovered that yay exists in the official repository (new or always existed?)

Now, if I want to use this official version instead, how does that work? Especially what happens to the AUR packages that I have installed with the git yay? If uninstall git yay and install official yay, the packages are not affected and can be managed with the official yay?

Also, how do I uninstall the git yay I installed manually, including the dependencies that were needed to build yay but will no longer be needed?


DO NOT follow the instructions on random garbage blogs like that one, they have no idea what they’re doing. Never use sudo with git.

Instead, consult the Manjaro and/or Arch wikis:

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Apparently you do use sudo with git when you’re cloning a repository to a system folder :innocent: (and of course give your user ownership afterwards… yeah… great guide…)

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