Git packages never installed

I had a problem with kate, like many others, with
pacman -Q | grep – -git
tried to see the git packages installed on my system, being sure not to find any, because I never installed git packages.
I was wrong, in fact I’ve got all that installed:

attica-git .r786.ga32b77b-1
karchive-git .r451.g940558b-1
kauth-git .r403.ga272608-1
kbookmarks-git .r379.g4af1536-1
kcodecs-git .r341.g400d587-1
kcompletion-git .r412.gc62eb24-1
kconfig-git .r773.gb57c7ad-1
kconfigwidgets-git .r535.g9fa72d2-1
kcoreaddons-git .r1124.g385d106a-1
kcrash-git .r347.g62e666c-1
kdbusaddons-git .r338.g532309d-1
kglobalaccel-git .r406.g5835ecd-1
kguiaddons-git 5.79.0.r337.g88a0716-1
ki18n-git .r436.gf88e694-1
kiconthemes-git .r469.gc161dfe-1
kio-git .r4529.g726cfd72-1
kitemviews-git .r303.g3a5d30f-1
kjobwidgets-git .r335.gb1e9307-1
knotifications-git .r610.g1014f62-1
kservice-git .r865.gc70e07b-1
ktextwidgets-git .r366.g2928501-1
kwallet-git .r1034.ge122cd7-1
kwidgetsaddons-git .r771.gc7126c99-1
kwindowsystem-git .r558.g47c858e-1
kxmlgui-git .r715.g3c1a6f2-1
solid-git .r637.gb53ba7c-1
sonnet-git .r579.ga9b99c1-1
user-manager-git 5.19.90.r501.g1b71858-1

How is that possible? I did something wrong?
In fact I can’t uninstall git packages for a question of dependencies.
Pleqse help

Apparently at some point you installed the kf5-git package group or something that depended on those packages. I don’t use KDE so someone else will have to take it from here.

That’s the reason why. You must have installed something that pulled in those -git packages as dependencies, and once that ball was rolling, you started pulling in more of them as dependencies of the dependencies.

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