GIMP window does not show in kde panel's task manager

I have tried with both the icons-only task manager and task manager, but neither shows any entry for the GIMP window that is running. Using latest kde plasma 5.22.5 in wayland session. GIMP is the only program that shows this problem.

When GIMP is launched, it shows splash screen first, and an entry for it appears in the panel’s task manager. However, when it closes and the main window is launched, there is no entry for it. I can however view it in Alt+tab window switcher, which is what i have to use to manage it if i accidentally minimise it.

Is there an solution that brings back entry for GIMP? I tried a couple of things with windows rules but it didn’t solve the problem. I tried pinning, disabling splash screen etc, but could not resolve it, and am now out of ideas

Did you at any point copy and/or create a customized .desktop file for GIMP under ~/.local/share/applications/ ?

No, there wasn’t any custom .desktop file initially. But when trying to solve the problem, i tried creating one to force class and icon, but it did not work either. So I deleted it

This might sound obvious, but have you tried logging out and logging back in and/or running “update-desktop-database”?

Well, this problem is occuring since the time i first started wayland a couple of months back. In that time, i have restarted computer multiple times and there have been multiple updates.

I’ll try running update-desktop-database though

Run it twice: once as normal user, another with “sudo”

I doubt it will solve it though. :confused:

I run it as root, then as normal user. Didn’t run as normal user. Problem still not solved

I’m not using Wayland, so I can’t feasibly try to replicate the issue.