Gimp-light 2.8.10 pkgbuild fixed


download pkbuild from

Download gegl from main repo.
In PKGBUILD under build()
add LIBS="-lm", like below

ALL_LINGUAS=“en en_GB” ./configure LIBS="-lm" --prefix=/usr – …

so you wont get error, then $makepkg && pacman -U gimp-ligt …

brief backstory: Since last update (still older version of gimp) there was some undesirable behavior not seemed by previous ver. When paste a image into gimp, cut or delete selection will make the area being black instead of transparent like before. Well, it wasn’t impossible to solve, Layer > Transprancy > Alpha to Selection. Maybe I’m nitpicking, so that’s that.


Why don’t you put this comment to the gimp-light AUR page, so all users can profit from it: ? :slight_smile:


done .


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