"Ghosting" Effect on Dell Precision 5520

Good day,

I installed Manjaro Cinnamon (Community Edition) on my Dell Precision 5520 and I noticed that the cursor and every window have a weird “ghosting” effect. I have recorded a slow motion video here to show it exactly:


I have also tried the Gnome version, but there exactly the same. On my desktop I have been running Manjaro Cinnamon for years and have absolutely no problems with it. What could be the reason for that?

Specs of Dell 5520


This discussion from archived forum might give some clues about that model

See that there are mentions to balcklist nouveau and use some manual tweaks …

Update: i tested on a new 5540 and got the same with the integrated display :confused:
it would be weird if both panel would be broken.

strange that the external monitor has absolute no issue at all, only internal one :frowning:

I tested it now on 4 different Distros and everywhere it has this effect :confused:

is this might be an general issue?