Ghost Menu remains displayed

This doesn’t happen all the time, but just from time to time.

It has happened no matter what program or location I’m working on, when I click on a menu it works fine but the menu remains displayed, like a Ghost menu even though I close the program I was using. When I open a different interface in a program or for another location the image gets overlapped on that new graphical interface so is annoying. If the work area is clear from programs or locations (clear desktop) and I right click for the context menu it works fine, it also works if I open or invoke any menu or function that is “behind” the Ghost menu, I mean the Ghost menu has no active function after the very first time it was used.

I have two monitors and I’ve tried switching off either the laptop’s monitor or the external one and what happens is that the Ghost menu becomes part of desktop’s wallpaper, any suggestion about this, have no idea of what could be the problem. I have to reboot the system is order make the Ghost menu disappear.

Thank you.