GFileInfo error in journalctl

I have had a couple of problems with a high rate of writing to the journal. Yesterday the messages were about amdgpu traces. I reinstalled a couple of amdgpu modules from pamac and then upgraded to kernel 6.1. The amdgpu error has apparently gone but I now have continual pairs of messages as below…

Sep 28 14:16:11 cronus gvfsd-sftp[4206]: GFileInfo created without standard::is-symlink
Sep 28 14:16:11 cronus gvfsd-sftp[4206]: file …/glib/gio/gfileinfo.c: line 1677 (g_file_info_get_is_symlink): should not be reached

This does not seem to afect anything particular but is slowing down the whole OS. I found only rudimentary info online about these to errors.

Help, please?

Looking (Google) for:
“gvfsd-sftp GFileInfo created without standard::is-symlink”

I found these (for example):

sftp/ftp: silence chatty warnings (!184) · Merge requests · GNOME / gvfs · GitLab

related to using sftp and perhaps some option needed or some change in the program itself - didn’t really understand what I read there :grin:
but issue is known and perhaps it is going to be addressed/fixed

Thanks, Nachlese. I didn’t find those.

SFTP / gvfs sounds likely as I have several ssh channels open. Not nautilus - as second post says, that’s a red herring.

Oddly, it didn’t happen until after I’d updated the kernel - or perhaps the other error so swamped journal that I missed it.

I’ll just hang in there and wait for fix, I guess.

Merge request was included in gvfs 1.51.91

Major changes in 1.51.91

  • sftp/ftp: Ensure that is-symlink is always set to avoid warnings (Sébastien Noel)

Latest version of gvfs (1.52.0) was released to Testing branch 2023-09-22

I expect new version of gvfs will be included in next Stable branch update

Thank you!

I just found that my log was full of this error. For the current boot 311*2 lines on 645 ones for p4 error level. (and 89000 lines for the whole journal just for this error!)
System up to date with gvfs at 1.52.1-1.

[edit] just got 41 000 new lines for this error !!!