Getting stuck in a blank screen after latest update

I have recently upgraded to Manjaro Qonos 21.2.0 (gnome) and the display server (default) and DE have been changed to wayland and Gnome 41.1. To me wayland seems pretty neat. But I am getting this blank screen randomly after I use the hot corner

I have tried looking into journal log and found no error message.

Hoping for a solution.

When I used the teams client it did not support wayland fully yet. I’ve used the client in the past, but only on X11.
I’ve used the AUR teams & teams insiders switching between these depending on features / issues I’ve encountered.

I don’t recognize the ‘preview’ version in the screenshot, where do you get the teams app from ?

One way to get error out of an application is to start it from a terminal. Usually the application prints events to the console.

I installed it from flatpak

However, Teams might not be the only app where I am getting this problem. It just went blank while I was using qBittorrent. It is most probably a wayland or gnome issue

Gone through each and every gnome-shell-extensions enabled on the system by disabling them and logging out and logging into the system and triggering one of the certain cases that was causing the issue. Turns out that pop-shell-extension was the one that was responsible for this problem. Disabled it.

Are you sure it actually isn’t Native Window Placement?

Never enabled native-window-placement extension since I moved to Manjaro

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