Getting MS-Office Online to work

We are currently working to get MS-Office natively working with any Linux Distribution. Here a screenshot of our effort so far :wink:

sudo pacman -S ms-office-online


By using web-wrapper like electron?

I can smell the size of dependencies that will be used for this…

We are using jak which we develop on our own.


If jak is a TRUE project, it should be somewhere on the web (:

Maybe JAK is the Jade Application Kit?

It can now be installed via sudo pacman -S ms-office-online from within our unstable branch.


Is it safe regarding this?

@bogdancovaciu: I didn’t tried that. However, since the service runs in the cloud anyway you have no direct access to your PC in that case. Most likely that won’t work as we don’t run a client application here.

Boo. This is just Office Online, which already works in any web browser. :slightly_frowning_face:


yeah, now we made it also working in JAK.

And like Photoshop is like something from 1995 less than basic and buggy to.

Can be now installed from all branches: sudo pacman -S ms-office-online


When I try to run word or excel (etc.) I’m getting “Ops something went wrong: Namespace WebKit2 not available”

Does webkit2 need to be added as a dependency, maybe? (Yes, it runs when webkit2gtk is installed.)

Just started each program. Everything works except OneNote. When i try to login, this error appears:

As a Linux user, I would much rather see the development effort put into something worthy of Linux (rather than Windows) users–like the Libreoffice Online Project:


It probably isnt so much about the ‘online’ thing, but rather about the parity/compatibility wall around embedded proprietary software that often frustrates the would-be-happy-new-linux-user.
Which, in turn, I would also like to see done by developing open source software, but we arent there yet.
While I have no personal reason to applaud this, I can see it being a desirable feature/app for others.


Noone should be using webkit2gtk for any sort of web browsing any more… :persevere:

gufw and zenity both require it.
and steam-manjaro requires zenity.

(yes avoid like the plague “webkitgtk” and “webkitgtk2” which are no longer in repos, but still in aur)

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Hmm… I thought I read somewhere that webkit2gtk shouldn’t be used for web browsing (local HTML is probably fine), but I can’t find where I read it…

I may be confusing similar package names.

Carry on. :slight_smile:

as well as Gnome Web, Epiphany.

ah, good to know, I am trying to use Epiphany more and more and got confused when I read your first comment :slight_smile:

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