Getting make error:

Hello, i’m pretty new (or completely) to arch_base, currently i’m using Manjaro XFCE.
While trying to work on some code (where i’ve to use the Makefile) i got this error:

make: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Hope that someone can help me.

I didn’t find nothing that worked for me, until now tryied also: (maybe not a great idea)

pacman -Syyu

pacman -Syu

But it says that i can do it only on root.

Please dont’ be to aggressive, just enougth to let me grow. (Sorry for my Eng)

Yes for an update using pacman you will need root privileges so use either sudo pacman -Syyu

sudo pacman -Syu

The difference is first command is forcing a check for updates.

This might solve your problem, but the error message you get looks more like a missing dependency.

Tryied both, it says I need root permissions.
Can u help me trought it?

sudo gives you root

ok now i got many things:
Like 10Gb stuff…
But it’s incredible how sometimes it take the command you told me: sudo pacman -Syu
What i meant is that it doesn’t take it each time i input it.
(So sorry for my Eng)

When you get make errors - then it is an issue with your code.

That we cannot provide assistance for.

If you need need to locate a package you use Manjaro Packages search function

General system maintenance

Well it seems to me that you are simply missing a library:
libunistring (it is in the Manjaro repo) so install this through pacman or pamac

libunistring is part of core repo - so it is likely already present.

However - your code may be looking for the wrong so name or your code points the the wrong location for the headers - you know your code - I don’t.

… and that, in turn, would involve (rather: require) first updating the whole system.

sudo pacman -Syyu
should do that

I often do it in steps:
sudo pacman -Syyuw

this will only download everything, but not install it

then I do:
sudo pacman -Syu

to actually install all the things that are now already present - it takes less time because of it

@Nachlese , @linux-aarhus
both true of course but it sounded like this lib could be missing but yes it is installed by default

But it is unsure if the OP talks about his own code or simply tries to install something that somebody else made (like from AUR)

libunistring is a core component, I would guess @23ema have a partially updated system

I thought he was talking about his own … we’ll see. :sunglasses: