Getting kbct to work with Manjaro Sway

I’ve switched over from I3 to Sway on Manjaro.

I’m trying to remap my capslock to leftctrl

My research finds that kbct is a utility that doesn’t rely on X, which I’m trying to stay away from and use Wayland only.

I’ve installed kbct, did modprobe uinput followed by systemctrl start kbct. I followed up with systemctrl enable kbct.

I’ve got two config file, one at /etc/kbct/config.yaml and one at ~/.config/kbct.yaml

They are both set as follows:

  • keyboards: [“Logitech MX Keys”]
    capslock: leftctrl
  1. When I do ps -e | grep ‘kb’, I don’t see a kbct service.
  2. The mapping I want is not happening

Any help would be much appreciated

Not familiar with all the formatting codes. the bullet before keyboard is really minus.
capslock: leftctrl is indented correctly below keymap:

Ok. I found a solution that works. It doesn’t require kbct at all.

Step 1 Find the input device Identifier for your keyboard using swaymsg -t get_inputs . (you need that ‘.’ at the end

Step 2 Add this to entry to ~/.config/sway/config:
input "<the identifier from step 1>"
(indented) xkb_options ctrl:nocaps

Step 3 reboot

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