Get boot manager to detect Manjaro on other hdd?


Is it possible for boot managers to put Manjaro on the boot list even if it’s on other drive?


Yes. But generally speaking Manjaro prefers its own.



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yes yes yes yes yes.


I’ve always needed to enter bios and choose the other drive when I’m starting the computer otherwise it boots to the current drive.
that’s why I’m asking, I want to be able to choose which OS I enter.


Your question is so general and the general answer is yes.
For specific conditions, the answer is also yes. The methods may be different.
Do you want to specify the conditions and we can discuss the methods.
I think it is unfair for anyone to list down all the specific conditions and methods that can always satisfy your question.

Let’s give you a hint.

Q1. UEFI or bios-legacy?

ps: we can play this all day.
When you answer, there will be Q2 and so on.
But I am in no mood to answer lazy queries.

Or do think you want to start with providing your system information?


Yes Manjaro/Arch does not always play nice with other distros’, (and this has been going on now for a few YEARS !?).
However, some quick knowledge of “efibootmgr” for multibooting, within uefi, on a single/multi drive, can go a long way. Or, you end up fiddling around with GRUB(uefi), after the fact too, although that can be also more intense, and cumbersome, aka that silly 'intel-ucode" panic conundrum, … ?!

And “os-prober”?, -now theres another weird mess, tied to above, from grub/manjaro, becuase of the fact.

Bottom-line is: (as mentioned countless times before), Manjaro still prefers it’s own (grub)boot-loader control, (hopefully you installed Manjaro last), within your Multi-OS-installation explorations, otherwise, … ?

Anyway, that’s another pain-in-the-butt, one of many, that manjaro NEEDS to fix/deal with, if it can ?

and if anyone mixes uefi and mbr?,then they’re on their own in all cases./


Hmm it’s seems like I did something wrong then.

Glad to know that it should work tho!


You’ve done nothing wrong, per say…, you just hadn’t figured out, what was the right thing to do, at that time yet?. :wink:
no worries.


I have Manjaro (and two other OSes) on HDD and another Manjaro on USB.
To have the USB on GRUB’s list just update-grub while you are on Manjaro HDD.


Manjaro is no different than any other Linux distro in terms of how it boots - typically when you have multiple Linux installs, you should only have ONE grub install controlling them all. Not sure if that was the issue but it makes things easier.


Make the HDD, where Manjaro resides, as default boot from BIOS. Manjaro boot loader will then start first. Once you are in Manjaro you can make use of os-prober to add all the other installs from your PC to the Manjaro’s boot loader. That will be done by updating grub from terminal:
sudo update-grub
At next reboot, the GRUB menu will be populated with all the installs and you can select and boot from them, whatever OS or linux distro is.
There are a few topics regarding os-prober failing to detect other install, but might give you more understanding about it, and a possible fix:


I really not understand the way to separate different distros on different HD…?
Personnaly, i prefer to distinguish beetwen dynamics & statics drives/partitions:
dynamics where systems can write on & statics where you only can write on as a dedicated (& duplicated outside too !) drive/partition for personal datas from any system.
It’s so easier to réinstall one or more more systems than to recover datas if something goes wrong…


I have three SSDs, each loaded with a different OS, one OS per drive.
The primary drive’s (i.e. Manjaro) GRUB picks up all of them automatically.
So I think you might need to rerun update-grub with os-prober.


What happens if that HDD (let’s say has 3 OS/distros installed on it) fails physically and you end up with no system to boot from and you have no live boot installer at hand, but also you need to finish ASAP a project for some client?
Also i will never mix my /home folder from Manjaro with another one from a debian based installation, nor a fedora one … etc.
You can always ln -s Downloads/ Pictures/ Public/ Videos/ Documents/ Music/ folders from another HDD or partition, accessing them from the OS you boot from, without mixing the configuration files.


Impossible, I’ve always in my right pocket trousers an usb key with 2/3 different/recent isos just waiting for this particular issue !
But to be honnest, i’ve not hurried/ornot clients ! :wink:


I’m glad i’m not a key maker and have them all on me to open all the doors. :smiley: Semantics are cool, especially when “impossible” is used in a positive sense. USB controllers fail too, and i did experienced weird thing that lead to render futile any preparedness.


Btw, as Napoleon said “impossible n’est pas français” :wink:
But you’re absolutly right for USB controller !
(there’re sadly also fire, hurricane, absolute zero risk is impossible…!)


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