Gestures doesn't work in gnome 40

Today I updated the system, and with that came the Gnome 40. The gestures are not working, do I need to activate them somehow?

The gestures only work on Wayland. That might be the cause. If you have an nvidia card Gnome will disable wayland by default. You can enable wayland following this thread:

Note that xwayland support for nvidia cards is only several days old so enabling wayland will have some downsides as well. The ones I’ve notices so far are slightly blurry windows for the xwayland based apps and the fact that Firefox doesn’t let me screenshare when I set its wayland env-variable (Chromium in xwayland does).


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On X11, you can use the X11 Gestures AUR extension.

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Thanks for this - I’d just add one other thing that had me foxed for a bit and thought it might help others going down this route. I spotted that X11 Gestures requires touchegg (also available from the AUR), but it took a bit of digging to realise that you also need to enable/start the touchegg daemon as this doesn’t happen automatically - there are instructions on the touchegg github page for doing this. Once I did that, gestures were up and running on X11.

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