Gestures app not working

User of Manjaro gnome here.

When trying to use the gestures app, the xdotool commands that I configured were not working.
So I have gone to search for a solution.
Apparently, libinput-gestures requires the user to be added in the input group.

So after using the next command, and a reboot it started to work properly:

sudo gpasswd -a user input

Maybe a more permanent solution could be to add the user to the input group at the installation, so that an app that comes with the OS would work out of the box.

I am using Manjaro 21.0.7, GNOME 40, with Wayland
I was wandering on the internet to enable gestures in my system.

here is a solution with a drawback ,


  • default 4 finger swipe for switching between workspaces is now disabled (gestures app can get it back)
  • pinch zoom is now disabled (though you can set it via gestures app)


  • gestures can be set via gestures app


  • edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf (with sudo)
  • set
    WaylandEnable=false if it is commented or true or not set at all.
  • install xdotool
  • set xdotool shortcuts in gestures app
    …now you are good to go…

** try at your own risk (although I didn’t find any major problems other than I mentioned above, I would suggest that make changes at your own risk.)

I installed ydotool instead of xdotool, makes it possible to continue using wayland. Workes great in KDE at least.