Geoclue How to disable? Solved


Having used Manjaro (XFCE) for a number of years and been very satisfied, I have reached a problem. I installed Gnome Maps and was appalled that it new my location. I have tried to safeguard this very carefully and have been aware of browser issues, but now I discover that my system has been releasing my location without my knowledge. Strangely on my laptop which uses Linux Mint and Mate, then I was asked if I wanted to allow Gnome maps my location. I do not wish to use Linux Mint full time as I prefer Manjaro, but is there a way for me to disable geoclue. I tried to mask my precise location by using dconf to use my country rather than exact location, but this had zero affect.
Can you offer advice and possibly highlight this issue to other unaware Manjaro users. It would be great if it was possible to flick a switch to turn geoclue off and on, but I realise this is not as simple as it sounds.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.


I don’t know about disabling Geoclue(2), but have you tried uninstalling it and checking that Gnome Maps still works?


Don’t know how to disable geoclue, but you can try remove it completely :

sudo pacman -Rdd geoclue2


Well removing it completely has some downsides:

It does remove the firewall managers as well, don’t know if the OP wants that. No idea why these programs need geoclue2.


please use pacman and -Rdd flags as well


Using these flags let’s you keep the application that depend on it.


webkit2gtk only dependency on my system for geoclue2, which is in urn required for java-openjfx.

$ pacman -Qi geoclue2
Name            : geoclue2
Version         : 2.4.7-1
Required By     : webkit2gtk


But how can I uninstall a program on which others depend? Maybe I can keep UFW and GUFW but if they depend on geoclue2 and I uninstall that do UFW and GUFW still work?


Follow your dependencies.

gufw is dependent on webkit2gtk, which is dependent on geoclue2.

ufw is not dependent on geoclue2, but if you remove with recursive dependencies it may be sucked into the vortex along with gufw.


How do you connect to the Intarwebs? Do you really need ufw(gufw)?


I found a solution that works for me on the Arch Linux site, whereby I mask my location.
Here is the link if any benefit.

Many thanks for your swift replies.



   sudo pacman -Rdd <package_name>

This removes the package without removing the packages that depend on it. Of course, it may lead to broken or limited functionality in some cases. For example, if you remove geoclue2, applications will fail to detect your location. But breaking this functionality was the point of the thread…

Of course, masking the service as suggested is a better solution.


Maybe Geoclue is less of a problem than the program that wants to use it. From what I understood from what I read a while ago, Geoclue does not collect/send data unless it is required to do so by an installed program.

I have similar concerns about software giving up location data.
Masking your location doesn’t really solve the issue of not having the option to prevent your location being sent to wherever it goes. Sure, it is a workaround, but that’s all. Maybe the problem is one that concerns the dev team.


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