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A few weeks ago I did an update of my packages and it appears that the compositor changed names, so I had to edit a few configuration files to fix it. Yesterday, it appears that the package updates also changed something in my /etc/profile.d/ . Now every time that I open a terminal I get errors saying the append_path command isn’t found.

It’s probably going to be easy to fix but I was just wondering if these kind of changes were normal, and if I should expect manjaro to fix these? I just want to make sure whether I’m meant to fix the problem on my own or not before doing more system changes.

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If you talk about compton change to picom, then is from quite few months back, by upstream.

Is part of the perl, inherited package from Arch linux. Manjaro made no changes of it.

Then i suppose you use Tilix as your terminal.
Have you read the announcements ?

but from what i know, that was addressed.
Another comment points to this:

Most of this issues are spotted in unstable and testing branches, fixed and rarely get to stable. If unsure, please read the latest announcement. Usually are provided some fixes for known issues and people report back other inconsistencies.


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Thanks for the reply.

I indeed was talking about picom. Was I wrong in changing config files so that picom would work, would it have been fixed automatically with an update if I had waited?

No I’m using sterminal. I just removed the specific perl bash script from running (which I’m not sure is a clean way to fix things but it didn’t break anything yet so it’ll do for now).

I don’t think I’m using anything other than stable.

When another problem appears, I should check if the problem comes from an arch linux package, and if not, report it if it’s not mentioned on an update thread, is that the correct way of doing things?

Sorry if it looks like I haven’t done any research about the issue, I’m just overwhelmed at the amount of information.

Usually the updates should not touch the user home directory config files, so the comptom vs picom change you did was inspired, so you avoided a potential situation to not have the compositor working.
No experience here with sterminal, so i can’t confirm or infirm how is the best approach to fix that perl bash script …
If you notice an issue right after update/reboot procedure, then is perfectly fine to mention it on the update announcement, especially if is not related to your configs and is more sure is related with the updated package/s itself/themselves.
Do not worry about the information. Is a lot for all of us and nobody knows everything, regardless the amount of research. :wink:
When unsure just open a new topic. Someone will address your questions.

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Thank you for taking the time. I will try to keep what you said in mind, have a great day. :slight_smile:

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