general and package organization. I am confused


Thanks to all people working on manjaro arm.
I m using it but I have no clue on how it is working:

I know that Manjaro's package are going through:
ArchLinux => Manjaro unstable => Manjaro testing =" Manjaro stable
What about Manjaro ARM ?

And where are the package source ?
For example for bemenu package (community/package), I cannot find the PKGBUILD source:
https : // gitlab . / manjaro-arm Not here. Maybe this is because it come from archlinux arm
But they are also not in ARM archlinux: https : // github . com / archlinuxarm/PKGBUILDs.git
And also not in Arch linux : https : // git.archlinux . org / svntogit/packages.git
Where are they ?

Thank you for your help because I am extremely confused

Thanks for your interest.

Manjaro ARM is much simpler right now. It's:
Arch Linux ARM -> Manjaro ARM Stable (we don't have other branches currently)

The PKGBUILD's can be in 3 different locations.
For packages we maintain ourselves, they are at
For packages Arch Linux ARM maintains, they are at
The rest are from Arch Linux at

For bemenu specifically the PKGBUILD is from Arch Linux here:


Was wondering same question. (because I may have to debug syncthing)

but if I get syncthing (or bemenu) package I can see arch=x86_64.
Am I missing something ?

# git clone
# git checkout packages/syncthing
# find . |grep PKGBUILD |xargs cat |grep arch 

That's because the Arch Linux ARM build system uses makepkg -A to build the packages, which ignores the architecture variable in the PKGBUILD.

It's very neat, if you don't need to change anything in the PKGBUILD, but just build it for your own architecture.

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