GDB Broken in latest release

Upon trying to start gdb, I get the error:

gdb: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This would be presumably be because ncurses is currently on 6.3 - I searched but curiously couldn’t find anything on this, which was quite surprising, so this might just be me, although I can’t really see how, I only have the ‘official’ version of gdb installed.

Version of gdb is 12.1-2, version of ncurses is 6.3-3.

Any clues?

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What are you doing when the error happens? I can execute gdb without problems.

Oh, didn’t think to run a ‘which gdb’ - one of the products I have installed has helpfully messed with my path and inserted their own out of date gdb (they are keeping the relevant .so in directory, so all good for them, but not for me in a separate shell). Thank you for the confirmation it was just me.

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