"gconf" 3.2.6+11g07808097-10, an oboslete configuration database system

just a quick question, I did a large update today via pamac, but “gconf” did not update. It states this is an oboslete configuration database system.

I looked on AUR (en) - gconf

one of the comments said… the project is deprecated and therefore hasn’t been updated in a while.

would it be safe to uninstall via pamac ?

or pacman…

$ sudo pacman -R gconf

I wasn’t sure if it was ok to do that without checking first. Thanks for any advice.

If no other package depends on it, you are likely safe to remove it.

First check for dependencies:

pamac info gconf

If there are none, you can safely remove it, I think.

pamac remove gconf
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Thanks @Mirdarthos @maycne.sonahoz for the quick replies, I ran the command and this is the output…

$ pamac info gconf
Name                  : gconf
Version               : 3.2.6+11+g07808097-8
Description           : An obsolete configuration database system
URL                   : https://projects-old.gnome.org/gconf/
Licences              : LGPL
Repository            : AUR
Installed Size        : 6.9 MB
Depends On            : libxml2 polkit libldap dbus-glib python
Make Dependencies     : git intltool gtk-doc gobject-introspection gnome-common
Required By           : libgksu
Packager              : Helmut Stult <helmut@manjaro.org>
Maintainer            : IslandC0der
First Submitted       : 02/01/20
Last Modified         : 01/03/21
Votes                 : 87
Build Date            : 06/05/21
Install Date          : 24/05/21
Install Reason        : Explicitly installed

I notice it says Install Reason : Explicitly installed

So I checked my notes that I keep since I installed Manjaro, and can see that about 5 years ago I installed redshift, then I copied the .conf file…

$ sudo cp redshift.conf ~/.config/

$ cd ~/.config/

$ ls
autostart  gtk-3.0        pulse          Thunar            volumeicon
dconf      manjaro        qt5ct          Trolltech.conf    xfce4
gconf      mimeapps.list  qupzilla       user-dirs.dirs
gtk-2.0    Mousepad       redshift.conf  user-dirs.locale

I can see gconf is there. so I may have been installed with redshift? I would like to continue using redshift, as it is very useful when using laptop in evenings. Unless there is another software option for this feature.

I guess I should just update it then even though the project is deprecated ? sorry if this is a stupid question, although I have been using Manjaro for 5 years, I’m not an expert, I just get by.

AFAIK this is used by gksu, which is also in AUR and not recommended to use.

redshift is not listed among the packages requiring gconf, so it likely doesn’t need it. Furthermore, there should be no package in the repositories that would require an AUR package to run.

thanks @maycne.sonahoz … for explaining the situation, I understand things a bit better now. I didn’t notice that gconf was in AUR repository and I have just realised redshift is in official repositories (community).

your last comment was very clear and helpful. I will pay attention to these details in future, I’m learning a little each day.

Thanks again for all the help today

NEVER use sudo in your Home directory.

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I’ve done it for you this time. :wink:

thanks @Yochanan for the tips, i will keep this in mind :blush: