Gcc plugin error

So I needed a patched kernel for some specific work …I patched it successfully but while compiling it I get this error. “Cannot use CONFIG_GCC_PLUGINS: your gcc installation does not support plugins, perhaps the necessary headers are missing?” Yeah I know it’s missing GCC plugin support I searched and discovered that we need gcc-plugin-dev package but I can’t find it in Manjaro or AUR repos.

On a Debian System (or Ubuntu/Mint/…) you can install a package called gcc-plugin-dev . But on Manjaro, all files that are part of gcc-plugin-dev are part of the normal gcc package.

You just need to install the package gcc and all gcc plugin header files are installed on your system.



But I have installed gcc .

then there is a problem with the source code you want to complie.
You need to share more information about what you are trying to do. For example the program, the source and the complete output with the commands you ran.

I am compiling Linux kernel v4.14.83 from source.

And you just need the normal gcc package for that. (Dependig on config, maby other packages like elfutils, xmlto or similar) Btw. 4.14.83 is way out of date.

If you still can’t fix it, you are doing something wrong. Or your very, very secret patch has a bug.

You need to share more information.

I have installed every thing base-devel package . xmlto and bunch of others required too . And it’s just a simple patch which is for 4.14.83 so …it’s a patch which helps in bypassing MTK devices to flash stock firmware .

Yea the patch is probably not the problem.

Interestingly the problem is 4.14.83. It is too old. You can’t build it with gcc 10. Since it is form end of 2018 you need a compiler that is older. You probably can get away with gcc 8.

gcc8 is in the AUR. But it will be installed as gcc8, which wont work without some changes. It is probably easier to set up a vm with a distribution that has gcc8 easily available.

But of course the correct way it to modify the patch to work with 4.14.221. It might work without change.

I checked the patch in latest stable 5.10 …it failed …I will test in different versions newer than 4.14.83 and see it works on which one … thanks for your time .I will report it back tomorrow.

thanxx man it worked in 4.14.221 successfully …you were right gcc 10 had compatibility issues with 4.14.83. and i were able to patch it successfully with minor modifications. awesome !!

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