Gaming Performance of GNOME

Got a question about Manjaro GNOME. Does it perform well in games like KDE?
And which steam version is better (Native/ Runtime)? I read a reddit post about 3 years ago, don’t know if it’s up-to-date to now.

Hi @JoJockets,

Due to the nature of rolling release, chances are that is not applicable any more. Further, you should not trust things like reddit, IMHO. Because that is heavily biassed, mostly, if not always, to one person’s opinion and experience.

KDE isn’t a game, y’know. Unless you mean as well AS with KDE. In which case I’ll just say this:

Like KDE, Gnome is an interface on top of the same kernel (or whatever else there is.) So performance should, theoretically be the same or similar.

Thank you so much, and yeah, I meant “well as KDE” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gaming performance should be the same on both desktop environments.

The difference is how they handle windows compositing once full screen applications are launched.

Gnome does not disable the compositor, instead using windows redirection, same as Windows, and KDE Plasma disables the compositor.

Assuming things are equal, you should not notice a difference in performance.

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