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Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
Been looking to go from Windows OS to a linux distribution.
I am already working with ubuntu on VM but saw many recommendations on Manjaro, both on the user side convenience and gaming support due to updated drivers and etc.
All though I am pretty settled already to install Manjaro, The only Gaming Library that I saw available on it is Steam...
All of the other libraries such as Epic, BattleNet, Origin are unavailable?

Btw it wont be used just for gaming but for networking and programming learning, kinda want it 1 pc that will be able to do "anything", both game and work.

just in case if you are interested

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But some of them (like the launcher) will work in Wine.

Also look into Lutris for an all-in-one game hub. It's in the repo.

Thank you for the response!
So from what I understood Wine should not take many resources or work slow because it translates Windows API calls into POSIX eliminating the performance and memory penalties.
But what about all of the other launchers...? And will the Battlenet (Lets say playing modern warfare) will work properly...?
About Lutris... I dont want a distribution that is dedicated purely for gaming, as I said I will be working and studying on it, mostly networking, bash scripting, python and probably more to come in the near future.

Lutris is an application you can install on Manjaro.
It can combine games from Steam, GoG and repositories.

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if you go to you can search for whatever game your interested in and see the available installers. lutris creats a separate wine prefix for each game thats optimized for that particular game, games that use origin will install the origin client and from the client you install the game just as you would on windows. same goes for epic,blizzard,uplay, and others.

between steam and lutris you should never have to manually setup wine prefixes and the special tweaks that makes each game work, lutris/steam do that for you. lutris also handles emulators/roms for just about everything out there and does it in an easy to use interface.

im not sure if the new modern warfare is working yet on linux, do some searching to find out.

This video may help on the setup, timestamps are in the description of the video:

if Modern Warfare is a multiplayer game, check to see if it has an anti-cheat. Most of those don't work on Linux. ProtonDB and the Lutris website are two good places to search for games you care about.
Gaming on Linux has gotten much better than it used to be. It's still not as easy as Windows, but it's easier to get most games working than it was even a year ago.

I have been using the ManjaroWish Gaming edition for some time now and whenever I get any technical snag, I contact Facebook, who resolve the issues on remote access.


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i am also confused

do they have better linux gaming tech support than instagram? twitter? or is facebook the gold standard? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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