Games stop working @HD or higher?

I installed Lutris and use this to get the first three Fallout classic games from

FC would play when I used the .EXE File(with Wine but tried Lutris and it worked. But after I set the Resolution to 1600p the Display Signal stop working just like all my newer 3D games.

But work when set to 1024x768 it is fine. So I try again again with those on Steam… Nope same problem but lasted longer…

It is for sure my Video Card dying causing this issue. Or the fans on both Nvidia dGPUs that did. One is the EVGA GTX 760 and the other is Zotac GTX 970.

The Issue started with the 970. Now the older 760 is now doing this. The HD 4600 iGPU in the i5-4670 doesn’t do this. I did the TV before switching Drivers.

I have the same exact Issue on Windows 10 as well.

Sorry I meant to mention which games on Steam and every workaround I did.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Hidden Is the last one I tried playing. What I did:

  1. Lower Resolution to 1024x768.
  2. All Settings to Low.
    Didn’t in either Linux or Win10 but lasted longer.

I’m considering just removing the Card and using the Intel iGPU. Just play the 3D games I will work w/o being too slow.