Games locked in at 60Hz?

Hello, so I switched off of windows to Linux (not fully, Im duel booting cause of oculus and music stuff) and noticed that in all of my games it seems Im locked onto 60 frames. The steam fps counter is showing 60 frames, Minecraft says its running over 200 but it feels like 60, my desktop feels like 165 frames compared to my other monitors, and nvidia, my system, and my monitor tray all say the monitor is on 165Hz. I’ve tried disabling the compositor with Kwin, but nothing changed. If someone could help me in maybe disabling the compositor a different way or fixing this it would be extremely helpful. Also, there are other issues if the info helps, Chrome has fairly noticeable input delay, and when I try to run Gmod it says I don’t have I verify the integraty of gmod and reinstall it, nada. I tried to install a few packages I saw in Reddit forums that said it would fix it but when I try to install them with Pacman I just can’t seem to find them, there in the arch repository but I just can’t seem to find them. Anyways if someone could help me figure out the frame issue thank you, and bonus points for the other stuff, I just included them if that information helped solve this problem