Games freezing, but at windows is works perfect

Hello, in CS: GO, Dota2 (Vulkan and OpenGL) I feel frequent freezes, in windows these games work perfectly, much better than in Linux distributions. My system is up to date.
My configuration:
intel i3-8100
amd rx-580 4gb
16gb ram
Game at NTFS drive.
And my mouse at desktop freezes too.

You can’t feel a freeze, so make up your mind, is it freezing (it freezes, stops refreshing the image completely, or for a period of time), or is it stuttering, like it is not smooth?

I feel stuttering

Manjaro is Linux and Linux is not Windows :slight_smile:

I understand sensei, but these games are supported natively

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I apoligize - I know nothing of games

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I think this is likely the source of your problem. You can also try to disable display compositing.

I don’t use gnome or KDE but I believe they are not as gamer friendly as XFCE.

Your computer seem pretty good for these games. Try to find what creates these micro ‘freezes’ by using some monitoring tools, check the CPU usage if it spikes when the issue occurs, check the GPU usage, RAM usage, maybe check your NTFS drive for issues it may be a possibility too.

You can try to improve a little performance by forcing the performance CPU mode and other tweak by using GameMode with your Steam games. To do that install GameMode, and configure it properly according to the wiki/doc (create its config file and set your settings) so that all tests pass when you run the command gamemoded -t (can help if some tests fail). When all tests pass, then you can use it to start your game by modifying the game startup parameter, add gamemoderun %command% so it start the game with GameMode.

Forgot to say, application windows when minimized too stuttering even when the game is turned off

I always have issues running games on a NTFS partition when playing on Linux personally. I recommend putting them on a ext4 partition.

My main gaming computer uses KDE. Never had a game related issue with KDE.