Gambas3 linked to webkit-qt4


gambas doesn’t start:

[gigi@manjaro ~]$ gambas3
gb.gui.qt.webkit: unable to load ‘gb.qt4.webkit’ component
ERROR: #2: Cannot load class ‘HelpView’: Cannot load parent class: Cannot load class ‘WebView’: Unable to load class file


Which gambas package are you referring to exactly?
gambas3-runtime requires gambas3-gb-qt5-wekbit


It works well over here. I find this project very interesting. Have it installed for quite awhile, but I never actually used it!


Me too, you issue was solved?


Is this answer for me? I never had an issue because I never actually got to use it. If you mean webkit-qt4 I don’t have it installed because I installed gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit

Actually I have gambas3-gb-qt4and gambas3-gb-qt4-ext but I don’t need it. I guess I need to do some cleanup.


Actually my respon for @firillo :grinning:. I install all package gambas3 and I got that issue too, what should I do?


Ahh I just uninstall package gambas3-gb-qt4 and gambas3-gb-qt4-ext, gambas can launch now. Thanks for the clue :rofl: