Gajim plugins are gone

I just performed a fresh install and after installing gajim I am unable to install any plugin. I selected all options of add-ons when installing gajim.

Same here. Or to be more precise: I do still have those that I installed previously, but everything else is gone (i. e. when you go to Gajim > Plugins). You should be able to install omemo and urlimagepreview via AUR, I think (rebuild, if you’ve already installed it that way). Don’t really know where the problem lies exactly.

Edit 1: I have 1.3.3-2 installed, btw (testing branch).

Edit 2: The Plugin Installer seems to be missing, which is itself a plugin. You can get it from here: plugininstallerplugin · Wiki · gajim / gajim-plugins · GitLab. Install it from file via Gajim > Plugins, and afterwards the Plugins menu should look familiar again.

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