Function keys row weirdness

i am not exactly sure where to post this, but i have two fairly annoying problems with my Lenovo V130 Manjaro XFCE laptop. In my BIOS i selected to use the function keys as HW control keys:

  • F1 as mute button
  • F2 as lower volume
  • F3 as higher volume
  • F11 as lower brightness
  • F12 as higher brighness

and many others. To use them as function keys i need to press at the same time the Fn key, except for the F5 key which can be used (for refreshing) without Fn.

The first bug is that sometimes when i select one of these HW control keys the accessibility feature Sticky Keys is activated and the keyboard and/or the mouse right click button stop working until the same key or another HW control key is pressed.

The other bug is happening only with volume keys: sometimes tapping the up/down volume key too fast (or similarly pressing it down) makes the volume go to 100% or 0% instantly.

I searched on the internet and found basically nothing about it, so i'm hoping someone can help me here. Thanks.

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